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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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from between the acts at both theatres, with a man with one note in his voice, and a girl without ever an one ; and so they sing, and make brave hallelujahs; and the good company encore the recitative, if it happens to have any cadence like what they call a tune. I was much diverted the other night at the Opera; two gentlewomen sat before my sister, and not knowing her, discoursed at their ease. Says one, 'Lord! how fine Mr. W. is!' 'Yes/ replied the other (with a tone of saying sentences), 'some men love to be particularly so, your petits-maUres—but they are not always the brightest of their sex.5—Do thank me for this period! I am sure you will enjoy it as much as we did.
I shall be very glad of my things, and approve entirely of your precautions; Sir K. will be quite happy, for there is no telling you how impatient he is for his Dominichin. Adieu!
110.   To HOBACE MANN.
March 3, 1743.
So, she is dead at last, the old Electress1! well, I have nothing more to say about her and the Medici; they had outlived all their acquaintance: indeed, her death makes the battle very considerable—makes us call a victory what before we did not look upon as very decided laurels. . . .2
Lord Hervey has entertained the town with another piece of wisdom : on Sunday it was declared that he had married his eldest daughter8 the night before to a Mr. Phipps*,
LETTER 110.—l Anna Maria of Medicis, daughter of Cosmo III, widow of John William, Elector Palatine. After her husband's death she returned to Florence, where she died, Feb. 7, 1748, aged seventy-five, being tho last of that family. Wai-pole.
2  Passage omitted.
3  Hon. Lepell Hervey.
* Constantino Phipps (1722-1776),
or. Baron Mulgrave, of New Boss, Wexford, Sept. 3, 1767 ; son of William Phipps (son of Sir Constan-tine Phipps, Lord Chancellor of Ira-land), by his wife Lady Catherine Annesley, daughter of third Earl of Anglesey by his wife Lady Catherine Darnley, natural daughter of James II (who married, secondly, John Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham).